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Hills and Valleys By Tauren Wells (CD)


Suggested Donation - $45+

“Hills and Valleys” by Tauren Wells has become a well-loved song by many of our WWIB listeners. In writing the 11 songs on the album, Tauren says, My hope was to write songs people needed to hear with lyrics we can all carry into every moment of life. The process of getting to this place was a path filled with many hills and valleys, but I've seen the faithfulness of God in it all. 


Decade the Halls by Tenth Avenue North (Christmas CD)


Suggested Donation - $45+

It’s fair to say that Tenth Avenue North had fun creating their Christmas CD. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard! In their 10 Christmas songs, they switch-up the styles and genres of music from the last 100 years. Each song comes from a different decade!


The Message: Gift and Award Bible by Eugene H. Peterson (Bible)


Suggested Donation - $45+

The bible called The Message is a perfect gift for milestones: confirmation, baptism, graduation, or Christmas. A great Bible for first time readers, for someone who has lost interest in reading, or for sharing with friends, Sunday school kids, mission trips. A reading Bible translated from the original Greek and Hebrew, approved by 20 biblical scholars, with the energy of conversational English.


Clive & Ian's Wonder Blimp of Knowledge #1 or #2  (DVD)


Suggested Donation - $45+ or both for $65+

 What’s in the Bible? Buck Denver’s two best friends, Clive and Ian,
answers to really BIG questions that kids have about God: Is answers to really BIG questions that kids have about God:

Is God as powerful as a superhero? Does God know the future? How old is God? and more.

Gift offers expire October 31st, 2018!

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